Latinised Hymns

To us a Child of royal birth

To us a Child of royal birth,
Heir of the promises, is given;
The invisible appears on earth,
The Son of Man, the God of heaven.

A Saviour born, in love supreme,
He comes our fallen souls to raise;
He comes his people to redeem,
With all the fulness of his grace.

The Christ, by raptured seers foretold,
Filled with the eternal Spirit's power,
Prophet, and Priest, and King behold,
And Lord of all the worlds adore.

The Lord of Hosts, the God most high,
Who quits his throne on earth to live,
With joy we welcome from the sky,
With faith into our hearts receive.


Regalis puer generis
promissus heres est datus;
videtur invisibilis
humanus hic, supra Deus.

Amore nati Vindicis
caducae surgunt animae;
redemptio fit hominis
cum plenitate gratiae.

Quem cecinere praescii,
inflavit Christum Spiritus;
is Praestes, Rex (veremini!),
Vates, mundorum Dominus.

Relicto natus est throno
Rector supremus Agminum,
excipimus quem e polo
dantes in animis locum.

MM 21–24.12.00