Latinised Hymns

We turn to you, O God of every nation

We turn to you, O God of every nation,
Giver of life and origin of good;
Your love is at the heart of all creation,
Your hurt is people's broken brotherhood.

We turn to you, that we may be forgiven
For crucifying Christ on earth again.
We know that we have never wholly striven,
Forgetting self, to love the other man.

Free every heart from pride and self-reliance,
Our ways of thought inspire with simple grace
Break down among us barriers of defiance,
Speak to the soul of all the human race.

On men who fight on earth for right relations
We pray the light of love from hour to hour.
Grant wisdom to the leaders of the nations,
The gift of carefulness to those in power.

Teach us, good Lord, to serve the need of others,
Help us to give and not to count the cost.
Unite us all, for we are born as brothers:
Defeat our Babel with your Pentecost.


Te petimus, O Deus populorum;
fons bonitatis, nos vivificas,
amans tuorum umbo creatorum,
quem laesa laeserit fraternitas.

Te petimus clementiam quaerentes
qui Christum rursus fiximus cruci
parum constituisse nos scientes
consulere prae nobis alteri.

Confisi nobis ne superbiamus,
te capiat spirantem nostra mens.
O frange claustra, neve resistamus
intus te sentiat humana gens.

Hic ut amici simus qui nitantur,
eis amoris lumen poscimus:
ut sapienter populi regantur
eorum cura sit potentibus.

Vicinis, serviendo dedicati,
quocumque largiamur pretio;
nativae redde nos fraternitati;
fac consonos cum Spiritu tuo.

MM 22.9–8.10.01