Latinised Hymns

Bread of heaven, on thee we feed

Bread of heaven, on thee we feed,
For thy flesh is meat indeed;
Ever may our souls be fed
With this true and living bread;
Day by day with strength supplied
Through the life of him who died.

Vine of heaven, thy blood supplies
This blest Cup of Sacrifice;
Lord, thy wounds our healing give,
To thy Cross we look and live:
Jesus, may we ever be
Grafted, rooted, built in thee.

J . Conder

J.G. Whittier

Te, caelestis o cibe,
pascimur nutrimine;
animae perpetuo
nutriantur hoc cibo;
firmet nos cotidie
caesi vita victimae.

Vitis o superna, dans
Poclum hoc Sacrificans,
tua sanant vulnera,
Crux vivificat tua:
sis fundamen, et tibi
usque simus insiti.

MM 15–21.8.99