Latinised Hymns

Bright the vision that delighted

Bright the vision that delighted
Once the sight of Judah's seer;
Sweet the countless tongues united
To entrance the prophet's ear.

Round the Lord in glory seated
Cherubim and Seraphim
Filled his temple, and repeated
Each to each the alternate hymn:

"Lord, thy glory fills the heaven;
Earth is with its fulness stored;
Unto thee be glory given,
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord."

Heaven is still with glory ringing,
Earth takes up the angels' cry,
"Holy, Holy, Holy," singing,
"Lord of Hosts, the Lord most high."

With his seraph train before him,
With his holy Church below,
Thus unite we to adore him,
Bid we thus our anthem flow:

"Lord, thy glory...

Bishop R. Mant

Bishop R. Heber

Placuit Iudaeo vati
visio pellucida,
et fuere voluptati
mille vocum carmina.

Adsidebat et decorus,
circumfusus Dominum,
duplex angelorum chorus
dividebat canticum:

"Plenus aether et repletur
tuae terra gloriae.
Honos tibi, Sancte, detur,
Sancte, Sancte Domine!"

Sic superni, neque muta
captat terra canticum,
"Sancte", bis et ter locuta,
"Salve, Rector Agminum!"

Nos caelestibus coniuncti
sanctis et terrestribus
carmen rituale cuncti
una voce tollimus:

"Plenus aether...

MM 15-16.11.96