Latinised Hymns

Christ is gone up; yet ere he passed

Christ is gone up; yet ere he passed
From earth, in heaven to reign,
He formed one holy Church to last
Till he should come again.

His twelve Apostles first he made
His ministers of grace;
And they their hands on others laid,
To fill in turn their place.

So age by age, and year by year,
His grace was handed on:
And still the holy Church is here,
Although her Lord is gone.

Let those find pardon, Lord, from thee,
Whose love to her is cold:
Bring wanderers in, and let there be
One Shepherd and one fold.


Caelestem Christus regiam
iam dudum petiit,
at rediturus unicam
Ecclesiam dedit.

Praefecit primum gratiae
bis sex Apostolos,
legerunt qui sua vice
heredes posteros.

Sic Gratia stat tradita
a saeclo saeculo,
nec minus haec Ecclesia
absente Domino.

Ignosce tu palantibus,
in eam frigidis;
collecti Pastor unicus
sit unius gregis.

MM 19–22.9.98