Latinised Hymns

Accept, O Lord, we pray,

Accept, O Lord, we pray,
The humble prayers we bring,
As on this joyful day
We laud our Founder King.
Our lives so guide,
That all our days
May in thy praise
Be glorified.

All ye, whose days were few
Upon this earthly scene,
With him give praises due
For all that since hath been.
That purpose bold,
Which once did seem
Mere boyhood's dream,
We now uphold.

To thee we now draw near,
and for our comrades, Lord,
Who loved and served thee here
Our thankful praise accord.
May we fulfil
From age to age
Our heritage,
As thou dost will.

To thank our Founder King,
With grateful hearts we raise
Our anthems, echoing
Thy glory and thy praise.
Assembled here
His school* doth own
In frailty shown
That vision clear.


* Shrewsbury

Laudationes has
ausculta, Domine,
pro Fundatore quas
hac ferimus die.
nostros dies,
dum vivimus.

Vitae quibus fuit
hic spatium breve,
quid post evenerit,
cum eo canite.
Quod somnium
visumst leve
fit hic ratum.

Te prope, Domine,
nos pro sodalibus,
qui coluere te
hic, grates agimus.
Et tradita
quae liquerint,
probata sint
per saecula.

Tibi ut sacramus hunc
canorem, Domine,
sic Fundatori nunc
agantur gratiae.
Testes sumus
quod fuit is
ut fragilis
sic providus.

MM 9–28.12.99