Latinised Hymns

Christ, who knows all his sheep

Christ, who knows all his sheep,
Will all in safety keep:
He will not lose one soul,
Nor ever fail us:
Nor we the promised goal,
Whate'er assail us.

We know our God is just;
To him we wholly trust;
All that we have and claim,
And all we hope for:
All's sure and seen to him,
Which here we grope for.

Fear not the world of light,
Though out of mortal sight;
There shall we know God more,
Where all is holy:
There is no grief or care,
No sin or folly.

O blessed company,
there all in harmony
God's joyous praises sing,
In love unceasing;
and all obey their King,
With perfect pleasing.

R. Baxter

Oves qui bene scit
omnes servaverit;
neque deficiet
gregem capessens;
nil nobis obstruet
metam lacessens.

Est iustus Dominus,
eique credimus
quod nobis propriumst
et quod sectamur;
illi perspicuumst
quod hic scrutamur.

Quod parum videas,
ne lucida tremas;
qua sancta sunt, magis
Deum cognoris:
nil ibi sceleris,
nil est doloris.

Est beatissima
ea concordia,
qua Dominum canunt
semper colentes
et iussa faciunt
valde placentes.

MM 24.12.01–7.1.02