Latinised Hymns

Come, O come, in pious lays

Come, O come, in pious lays
Sound we God Almighty's praise:
Hither bring, in one concent,
Heart and voice and instrument.
Let those things which do not live
In still music praises give;
Nor a creature dumb be found,
That hath either voice or sound.

Come, ye sons of human race,
In this chorus take your place;
And amid the mortal throng
Be ye masters of the song.
Let, in praise of God, the sound
Run a never-ending round,
That our song of praise may be
Everlasting, as is he.

So this huge, wide orb we see
Shall one choir, one temple be,
And our song shall overclimb
All the bounds of space and time,
And ascend from sphere to sphere
To the great Almighty's ear.
Then, O come, in pious lays
Sound we God Almighty's praise!


Ite! Quin concinimus
piis Dei laudibus?
Adsint in harmonia
corda, voces, organa.
Si quid anima caret,
sileat, sed celebret;
neve quicquam taceat,
cui sonum natura dat.

Vosque, hominum genus,
vos includat hic chorus:
inter animalia
dirigatis cantica.
Circumito, quo Deus
usque laudetur, sonus
ut aeterna sit Dei
nostra laus perpetui.

Orbis, quem conspicimus,
templum fiat et chorus;
et transcendat canticum
tempus atque spatium,
se per globos erigens;
audiatque Omnipotens.
Ergo quin concinimus
piis Dei laudibus?

MM 8–13.9.00