Latinised Hymns

Everliving Lord

Everliving Lord,
A thousand years in your sight
Are but as yesterday;
And in your wondeful light
Time's prison fades away.

Everloving Lord,
Your first millennium passed
A thousand years ago.
The second goes by at last;
We hail the third to show.

Ever-risen Lord,
The third millennium breaks;
The dawn of your third day.
Arising, each of us takes
Your resurrection way.

Ever loving,
Ever-risen Lord.

N. Mortemore

Vivens usque Rex,
abit die brevius
tibi millennium,
aevi, tam es nitidus,
vanescit vinculum.

Fovens usque Rex,
secutum anterius
millennium alterum *
valere iusserimus;
salveto tertium.

Surgens usque Rex,
millennium en! oritur, *
Dies ut Tertius,
et nos, qui te sequimur,
tecum resurgimus,

Vivens usque,
fovens usque,
surgens usque Rex.

MM 1–6.12.00

* "millennyum" –
a trisyllable