Latinised Hymns

Faithful Shepherd, feed me

Faithful Shepherd, feed me
In the pastures green;
Faithful Shepherd, lead me
Where thy steps are seen.

Hold me fast, and guide me
In the narrow way;
So, with thee beside me,
I shall never stray.

Daily bring me nearer
To thy heavenly shore;
Make my faith grow clearer,
May I love thee more.

Hallow every pleasure,
Every gift and pain;
Be thyself my treasure,
Though none else I gain.

Day by day prepare me
As thou seest best,
Then let angels bear me
To thy promised rest.

T.B. Pollock

Pastor me fidelis
ale pascuis,
ducere et me velis
in vestigiis.

Tene me: sectabor
stricta per viae,
neque divagabor
comitante te.

Trahe propiorem
tuo litori;
augeasque amorem,
ut fidem, tui.

Mulcet sive mordet,
omne fac sacrum;
prae te mihi sordet
omne commodum.

In dies para me
(optime vides)
angelisque da me,
sitque requies.

MM 2–4.11.99