Latinised Hymns

God of the morning, at whose voice

God of the morning, at whose voice
The cheerful sun makes haste to rise,
And like a giant doth rejoice
To run his journey through the skies;

O, like the sun, may I fulfil
The appointed duties of the day,
With ready hand and active will
March on, and keep my heavenly way.

Give me thy counsel for my guide,
And then receive me to thy bliss:
All my desires and hopes beside
Are faint and cold, compared with this.


O Deus (sol enim tuo
oriri iussu properat
gaudens gigantis et modo
viam per caelum integrat),

ut sol, quodcumque acceperim,
diurno fungar munere,
et promptus impigerque sim
caelestis et memor viae.

Consilio regar tuo,
dum dentur gaudia tua:
nam hoc prae desiderio
omnino marcent alia.

MM 30.8–1.9.99