Latinised Hymns

God, that madest earth and heaven

God, that madest earth and heaven,
Darkness and light;
Who the day for toil hast given,
For rest the night;
May thine angel-guards defend us,
Slumber sweet thy mercy send us,
Holy dreams and hopes attend us,
This livelong night.

Guard us waking, guard us sleeping,
And, when we die,
May we in thy mighty keeping
All peaceful lie:
When the last dread call shall wake us,
Do not thou our God forsake us,
But to reign in glory take us
With thee on high.

Bishops Heber & Whately

Terram cum polo fecisti,
ad res diem,
noctem, Deus, aptavisti
ad requiem.
Gens caelestis nos defendat,
somnum, dum se nox extendat,
dulcem nobis dans descendat
sanctamque spem.

Simus a te custoditi
nunc placidi
vigilantes aut sopiti;
post mortui
tuba tandem experrecti
a te simus haud reiecti
sed in regni partem vecti
supra tui.

MM 14–17.1.98